mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

il lato negativo dei BigData

....For instance, utilities are rolling out “smart” electrical meters in the United States and Europe that collect data throughout the day, perhaps as frequently as every six seconds—far more than the trickle of information on overall energy use that traditional meters gathered. Importantly, the way electrical devices draw power creates a “load signature” that is unique to the appliance. So a hot-water heater is different from a computer, which differs from marijuana grow-lights. Thus a household’s energy use discloses private information, be it the residents’ daily behavior, health activities. 

Ovvero è possible sapere non solo se sei in casa ma anche quale tipo di elettrodomestico stai usando e perfino se hai qualche attività illegale in corso !
E tutto ciò rilevando semplicemente i consumi di corrente elettrica !

Dal libro Big Data di Dal libro BigData di Mayer-Schönberger Viktor e Cukier Kenneth N.

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